Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Next week's luncheon at the Crowne Plaza in Bell Tower

Don't forget!! Starting next week, Tuesday, November 5th, we will no longer have our monthly luncheons at the Royal Palm Dinner Theater. Instead, they will be located at the Crowne Plaza in Bell Tower Shops. Mark your calendars and enter the address in your GPS! The Crowne Plaza is at 13051 Bell Tower Drive, Fort Myers, FL 33907.

This month we have a great luncheon topic you won't want to miss - the do's and don't's of holiday story pitches! Get your holiday story questions answered by an all-star panel.

Have you registered yet? If not, click here to get signed up and learn more!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Holiday Giving

'Tis the season to be giving. Many of our members have events and fundraising drives they're working on, either with their companies or as individuals.

Looking for a great cause to be a part of? Click one of the links below to learn more and get a deeper look into some local fundraisers.

CAN IT! To benefit CCMI

Southwest Florida Goodwill Foundation's Tux and Trees Gala on December 7th

President's Word from Samantha Scott, APR - October 2013

Hello again,

As we venture into November most us become quite busy with many fall activities, work events – and of course the holidays! I would encourage you to make time for your professional development and FPRA activities too.

Your committed board has worked hard to put together an exciting slate of events. For those of you who attended PRU in October you know what I’m talking about! This month we have our luncheon scheduled for November 5th with a media panel discussing how to pitch during the holidays, so be sure to register now. We also have our annual Merry Mixer coming in December, so keep a look out for updates.

Most importantly, however, is your membership. The renewal deadline was October 31st. Don’t fret if you didn’t get yours in on time though. You can still renew – we’d hate to lose you! You can email membership@fpraswfl.org for details.

As always, thank you for being a member of the Southwest Florida chapter of FPRA and for what you bring to our profession. I look forward to seeing you soon!

P.S. We’re still looking for a few key sponsors too. If your company would be interested in being an annual sponsor or a luncheon sponsor, be sure to reach out to Tiffany Whitaker for details. Get your spot before they’re all gone!

Think FPRA!

Samantha Scott, APR

Social Media Corner October 2013 - How Social Media Sways Your Holiday Shopping (and you may not have even realized it!)

Did you know that a whopping 65% of holiday shoppers flock to social media to find that special something for that special someone?
Pinterest is always my go-to for a brilliant idea that I cannot take credit for when it comes to all things arts and crafts.  Well it turns out Pinterest is also the top social site for those seeking  ideas for holiday gifts (and d├ęcor, and recipes, AND crafts, etc, etc!). According to a survey by Crowdtap, 48% of participants named Pinterest the leader for inquiring minds looking for holiday gift ideas.  With so many people flocking to Pinterest, are you capitalizing on this and pinning inventive ideas on why your product is a must-have this holiday season?
When it is time to seal the deal, Facebook ranked the highest in social sites that have influenced a holiday gift purchase.  Facebook is key when asking friends for recommendations on things such as finding the best flat screen for your husband or the latest age appropriate toy for your niece or nephew when you have no idea what kid’s like.  Perhaps  you are planning the company holiday party and you’re seeking a great restaurant as a venue—Facebook saves the day again. 
And, people love to share a good deal on Facebook.  Whether it be coupons, contests or sale updates, sharing the latest bargain is easier than ever on Facebook. In fact 44% of online shoppers are finding the best deals via a recommendation. 
As marketers we know social media is much more than keeping up with friends and family, but don’t forget if you’re managing social sites for your business to include relevant content  including pins, coupons and contests that inspires and influences your target audience during the holiday season when shopping is at its prime.

Monday, October 21, 2013

October APR Trivia

Question: The Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA hosts FREE study sessions for its members pursuing Accreditation in Public Relations each year. Which month do the sessions begin and how many weeks do they meet?
A.   February/10 weeks
B.    May/14 weeks
C.    February/20 weeks
D.   May/6 weeks

Answer: A. Study sessions begin in early February and include 10 sessions. We generally take one week off halfway through the sessions, which wrap up in early May.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Local Image Awards 2014 - Think, collect and find a buddy!!

Even though it is still early, your local Image team is preparing for the 2014 Local Image Awards. And, so should you!

The more you think about the potential of a project becoming an Image entry and collecting support materials as you go, the easier it will be for you to compete in the Local Image Awards. As you plan or participate in projects from January 2013 through the competition deadline on March 11, 2014, try to determine if they meet the Image standards. Also, think about the Image Award categories - maybe the special event you ran didn’t meet all the objectives you set, but the speech you wrote for the CEO to give during the event exceeded expectations and changed the attitude of the audience. Be smart - always look at all the elements of a campaign and find the perfect fit for your project.

If you are planning to submit an entry in the competition and have never entered before - or you need a little bit of guidance - then you need an Image Buddy! Last year, we started “Image Buddies” and it was a huge success. Several members took advantage of the mentoring program and went on to win - locally and at Golden Image.

Your Local Image Committee has seasoned “Image Experts” who will be there to offer encouragement and advice on how to submit an award-winning entry. We will personalize your “match” with someone who knows you or your company and has won an Image Award in the category you want to discuss. We think by offering a hands-on experience with a trusted and knowledgeable “buddy” you will feel more comfortable about asking questions and make entering Local Image a little less daunting.

If you have any questions about Local Image and/or would like help from an Image Buddy, please contact Vicki Moreland at vbmoreland@flylcpa.com or 239-590-4502.