Friday, June 26, 2009

Online Newsrooms with Ibrey Woodall

98% of journalists expect companies to have an online newsroom

Detroit Lions saved about $25k the first year they had an online newsroom, cut costs of sending out photos, etc.

Some common mistakes:
Lack of recognized URL (use
Bad design/navigation - Content not updated
Bury newsroom link on corporate site - don't bury it under "about"
Email alert delivery not targeted
PDFs instead of Word docs

Most important element - searchable archives!

Allow for more granular searches.

Have a lot of PR people? Organize them by subject area!

Okay, Ibrey is SO full of info...can't keep up. You just needed to be here!

RSS Feeds - News at your door

Birgit (like Beer and geet like Guitars...two of our favorite things) of Pauli Systems has launched into an RSS Feed presentation.

So you might be wondering..."What the heck is an RSS Feed?"

The answer: Standard since 1999 Real Simple Syndication (RSS Feeds)– Standard way to provide content across sites and tools

First step of social media is Listen, RSS feeds help you listen and organize the “noise” aka conversations.

(FYI: All of Birget’s slides are available on

Subscribe to feed in Twitter via search box and it will shoot you information by including a hash tag (#) then keyword you are looking for.

Google reader is an excellent way to sort through the “noise” to find what you are looking for with greater ease. An added perk is that you can share items that you've searched to help educate others via Google.

And yes...RSS Feeds are no subscription fees! This allows you to keep in the loop and get more information.

Other RSS Feeds

Technrati -- A Blog Directory.
How its used? - You have to claim a post a(technoroti walks you through this)

Next on the list of must use is Delicious -- and you can share you RSS Feeds from Google Reader here :)

Where are the people who are talking about the topics I want to Know about? Where to I find them? RSS Feeds are a great place to start.

Beyond the Google Reader are RSS Feed listening tools.

FriendFeed: This is a platform that shows you all over your feeds from Twitter, Blogs, and several other social media platforms that individuals may be.

Friend Feed Allows users to expand on conversations created on other mediums and shares them with all of your "friends".

New RSS listening tools online magazine rack of popular topics.

RSS Feeds Part Two...RSS Feeds As a Publisher

Some RSS feed driven e-mail broadcasts...

Live with Marketwire - Wickles Pickles

Googling "press release distribution"...title tags show up in bold. (Yes, if you're tech-savvy this is basic, but most of us here are basic!)

It's all about measurement...The Pheedo Network - targeting bloggers and RSS feeds that are industry-specific.

Robyn's giving us an overview of navigating the world of social media, great emphasis on aggregating your Twitter accounts, shortening url's, etc.

Hashtags! A way to follow tweets acording to topic. Just put # in front of the subject.

Check out your competition on

Yes, we have a chapter of the Social Media Club right here in SWFL!

Q & A with Robyn
How to use Twitter effectively...instead of "I'm walking my dog now", provide value to your followers and use links to give them more info!

What about all the acronyms/codes on Twitter? Where are all the definitions? Just Google them!

What qualifies "spamming" bloggers? Anything that's not relevant to the blogger! But yeah, there are gray areas.

Tina Haisman, APR, CPRC offers this advice on behalf of local reporters - if you're not really their friend, don't "friend" them on Facebook. It's a more personal network vs. professional.

From Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC: Separating the internal and external, personal and professional in a large organization...where's the line? What about time management? Use filters, use delayed release applications for Twitter, aggregartion for posting.

Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC: How do you post a link? Starting with Facebook...
Well, ya gotta be here for this hands-on stuff, can't describe it!

Join us at Hodges University....

SEO and Social Media Releases with Robyn Medlin

Robyn is an account executive with Marketwire. (She loves the breath of fresh air and friendliness of the Southwest coast - we do too!)

Using the death of MJ as an example of the viral news and the need for an online presence.

Reviewing top social media sites by category according to Alexa rankings.

So much out there, and available by phone - NO DISTRACTED DRIVING!

Another caution - don't be a social media spammer. How to pitch without being one? Make the info accessible, easy to find and easy to share.

Standard vs. social media press release:
No live links or metatgs
No photo or video
No elements that encourage interactivity
Social Media Release...WOW! What a difference. Marketwire has awesome platform built in - you just upload Word doc and end product can include YouTube video, live links, page sharing on beaucoups sites.

Going live to see how this works on the back end...


Giving some away, thanks to Start Poken! Really fun way to exchange social media addresses! Who won the first round? Nancy Coker. Tiffany Esposito. Becki Reeves. Susan Bennett, APR, CPRC. Beth Lobdell. Harry Lookanan Jr.

Long tail = long love life!

What a hilarious start...revealing our inner pigs may reveal too much! This ice-breaker is destined to go down in FPRA history!

Reveal your inner pig!

We're starting by drawing pigs! Don't kow yet how trhat fits in, but...

SMC:TSC is about to start!

There's still time to join us and walk-ins are welcome!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Social Media Cafe: The Second Course Adds some Spice

The Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA The Social Media Cafe: The Second Course will be topping off the course with a few new additions.

In addition to the great line up of presenters, Flame Productions will be joining us once again providing heads shots for non-members at a discounted $25 and complimentary for registered FPRA members.

We are all hungry for social/ new media, but with all of the new Facebook , Twitter, Linkedin accounts, etc. how do we keep our contacts straight? Pokens are one way. This new gadget acts like a virtual business card thus making it easy to find your contacts on social media sites with which they are registered. As a bonus of the SMC: TSC has donated several Pokens for a special giveaway drawing. You won't want to miss out on this!

Our sponsors for the event: Hodges University, Bell Tower Crowne Plaza, Honey Baked Ham and

Register at Registration deadline is 6/19. Cost for members is $25 and $50 for non-members.

Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Are you hungry for a serving of social media?

The FPRA social media feast continues with the Social Media Cafe: The Second Course on Friday, June 26 at Hodges University in the conference room. Seats are limited. RSVP by June 19. Lunch is sponsored by Honey Baked Ham.

Register online
This lecture-style seminar will provide an in-depth look at blending social media with other Web 2.0 technologies such as RSS feeds; whipping up a Social Media Release; SEO for press releases; and how to get cooking with an online newsroom with social media interaction.

Our guest presenters for the event include:

Ibrey Woodall, Director - Marketing Communications, TEKgroup International, Inc.

Robyn Medlin,Account Executive, Miami Marketwire

Birgit Pauli-Haack, CEO and founder of Pauli Systems, LC

SMC Committee members Kristen O'Donnell and Carla Ulakovic will also be on hand to offer their Social Media expertise!

Event Check-in: 9 a.m.
Presentations: 9:30 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Thank you to the SMC committee for all of their hard work. A BIG thank you to Hodges University for their continued support.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June Luncheon Recap

At today's luncheon, guests got a full serving of tips, tricks and FPRA love.

Kudos to our hard working and dedicated members who earned their CPRC credentials!

A round of applause goes out to:
Phyllis Ershowsky, APR, CPRC, of PKE Marketing and PR Solutions
Pamela Nulman, APR, CPRC of Nulman Public Relations and Marketing
Carolyn Rogers, APR, CPRC, of Briggs and Rogers Marketing and Public Relations
Karen Ryan, APR, CPRC, public relations manager of Lee County Electric Cooperative

Congrats ladies!

June's ROCKing Chair was awarded to...drum roll... Mary Briggs, APR, CPRC for an excellent job as credentialing chair.

The Chapter will soon set up a PayPal account, it should be ready for use in a couple of weeks. A reminder to all members and guests, it is helpful for our Hospitality Team if we register prior to the RSVP deadline, and no-shows will be billed.

Upcoming Events:

We are preparing to serve members their second helping of social media information on Friday, June 26 at Hodges University. The format has changed a bit, as we are moving on up to the conference room to accommodate the growing social media appetites of our members. We are also changing to a lecture-style seminar!

This lecture-style seminar will provide attendees a specialized look at incorporating social media with other Web 2.0 technologies. We have some great guest presenters for the event:

Ibrey Woodall, Director - Marketing Communications, TEKgroup International, Inc., will discuss online newsrooms with social media interaction.

Miami Marketwire’s Account Executive, Robyn Medlin, will discuss Search Engine Optimization for Press Releases and will introduce a Social Media Release.

Birgit Pauli-Haack, CEO and founder of Pauli Systems, LC, will share her knowledge on putting social media to work with RSS feeds.

Registration and Networking begins at 9 a.m. with presentations beginning at 9:30 a.m. The cost is $25 for members and $50 for non-members. Lunch is sponsored by Honey Baked Ham. Members and guests must register on no later than Friday, June 19. Registration should open today, but sign up quickly! Seats are limited. (The SMC appetizer sold out in the first week!).

Don't forget about conference!

Tips and Tricks:

Today's luncheon created a great buzz about the values of building strong FPRA relationships and the benefits these create!

Need help turning a PDF file into a Word Doc and Back into a PDF ...check out:

Do you need to create a PDF file but find yourself without Adobe? Check out:

Need help shortening links for Twitter? Check out: or

Are you part of a 501 (3) organization who is in need of purchasing software? offers deeply discounted rates for non-profits.

Have an Iphone and need help tracking mileage? Download the Mile Bug application

Looking for an audio script as part of your campaign? Check out:
Here you can find qualified voice professionals to meet your deadlines and specifications at a low cost! You provide a timeline, select the type of voice you are looking for and ask for auditions.

Looking for a visual component to a campaign? Save some time and search for footage on

Targeting an audience comprise of individuals 60 years +? Don't forget about Shell Point as they offer a wide variety of in-house publications.

Need help managing all of your social media sites? Check out Ping.FM (or others like it). Here you have one platform to manage all of your sites.

Need help with time management if you are working for multiple clients at a time? For a small monthly fee try --they offer a free trial.
Just looking for time management tips? Check out:

Always come prepared to a meeting. And always prepare for others...keep extra paper and pens on hand in case reporters and guests come unprepared (it's amazing how often this happens).

Keep abreast of industry trends with and

Attending FPRA is a great way to network, find new jobs and make great frienships!

Join us for our Annual Meeting in July with guest speaker Dr. Wilson Bradshaw, FGCU.