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Professional Philanthropy: The Gift of Time

July 12th meeting to focus on leadership and nonprofit board involvement.

Julia East
Join special guest speaker Julia East, Executive Director of the Southwest Florida Community Foundation at our July 12th business meeting as Dr. East shares with us the challenges and rewards of being involved in the community as a professional and dealing with such issues as “how to support the nonprofit sector” and “becoming engaged in the community by using the skills that you already have.”

As public relations professionals we seem to naturally gravitate towards community involvement as part of our professional and personal lives. Frequently our biggest challenges are how to determine what organizations to lend our time and talent to, as well as how to manage our time to ensure we’re adding value both personally and professionally. Dr. East is going to help us navigate the world on nonprofit involvement and share tips on making a wise investment when it comes to volunteering and joining nonprofit boards.

Dr. East has held a variety of positions in the banking, specialty steel, nonprofit, and educational fields. She holds a Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership and is a Certified Fundraising Executive. She has written numerous articles and has given a multitude of presentations about the nonprofit sector, philanthropy, and organizational best practices.

In addition to her daily work with the Community Foundation, Dr. East develops curriculum and teaches leadership, management, and organizational development at the master and doctoral levels, including two onsite courses in Vietnam.

Plan to join us on July 12th for what promises to be a dynamic and educational presentation.

Register today online at www.fpraswfl.org.

Meeting Details 
Tuesday, July 12th
11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre
Cost: $20 for members
$25 for nonmembers
$12 for students

President's Word: Leadership Quest

By: Pamela Nulman, APR, CPRC

Leadership. A concept and topic that has been theorized, debated, lauded, bemoaned, demonized, memorialized and even launched a plethora of cottage industries centered on training and education.

I, myself, have taken numerous undergraduate and graduate level courses in leadership, as well as attended various leadership seminars throughout my career (let’s not even bring up how many books on leadership I have read over the years).

So at this point in my career I’m fairly comfortable that I know “leadership” when I see it, but I’m also humble enough to realize that leadership is similar to ethics in that we all believe we know it when we see it, but in reality, we all bring a lifetime of collective experiences to how we ultimately define “leadership” and my definition may be different than others.

At the root of every discussion around “leadership” is whether people are natural born leaders, or, whether individuals can become leaders through education, training and opportunity. I happen to believe the answer to both is, yes.

I believe all of us are born with the capacity to lead and for the majority of us we do embrace a leadership role in some way, shape or form throughout our lives. Whether it’s in a formal or informal leadership capacity, at some point we influence others, make a difference in our community, drive inaction to action and enable others to exceed their own expectations. In other words, we bring out the very best in ourselves and others around us.

I personally have always liked the quiet leaders in our world who go about inspiring others and drive change through their actions, not their celebrity. Mother Theresa will always be my number one inspirational leader. So, too, Mrs. Keller, my fifth grade teacher who not only celebrated my scholastic ability, but also embraced the fact that I was the “biggest tomboy” in class and that was o.k. Then there was my first PR boss out of college. After serving three tours in Vietnam as a green beret, he came home and built a new life for himself and his family. He taught me the power of commitment, believing in something larger than yourself, and the importance of doing a job well, or not at all.

I have had the benefit of following in the footsteps of many leaders over the years, and I hope in turn the lessons they imparted to me I have been able to pass on to others.

As I begin to wind down my year as president of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, I am excited about a new crop of leaders preparing to take the helm.

At our upcoming July meeting we will cast our vote for a new board of directors. Whether these outstanding public relations professionals came to their leadership abilities through nature or nurture does not matter. All that does is that they’re ready to inspire, energize, motivate and lead our organization. But perhaps the most significant reward will be at the end of their term, when they’ll all be better leaders themselves because they were willing to step up to the plate, grab the reins, and enjoy the journey.


Board Slate Announced for 2011/12

In May, the Southwest Florida Chapter of Florida Public Relations Association board of directors approved a proposed slate to serve as the 2011-2012 board of directors.

The slate will be voted on by the membership at large per our organization’s by-laws at the annual meeting to take place on Tuesday, July 12th.

We are still looking for a treasurer to serve next year. If you, or someone you know, may be interested, please contact Kathleen Taylor, APR nomination committee chair. kathleendtaylor@gmail.com

2011-2012 Proposed Slate

President: Carla Ulakovic
President-Elect: Jessica Clark, APR
IPP: Pam Nulman, APR, CPRC
Secretary: Laura Puerto
Treasurer: open
VP Communications: Kirsten O'Donnell
VP Member Relations: Melissa Simontis, APR
VP Community Relations: Tiffany Esposito
VP Professional Development: Kate Gooderham, APR, CPRC

Notice of Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association annual meeting:
Date: Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Time: 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
Place: Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre

Business Pros Get Advice from Media Personalities

Jennifer Moss, APR, CPRC, Nancy Hamilton, APR and Pam Nulman, APR, CPRC
Nearly eighty business, public relations, and marketing professionals got the scoop from area journalists at the Florida Public Relations Association’s (FPRA) annual Media Breakfast. Seven panelists shared their perspectives at the event, hosted at the Holiday Inn Airport Town Center by FPRA’s Southwest Florida chapter.

The panelists represented all facets of traditional media: Newspaper, magazine, radio, and television. Gulfshore Business Editor Phil Borchmann, News-Press Writer Francesca Donlan, Breeze Newspapers Editor Valarie Harring, WINK-FM Program Director Michael Hayes, Naples News Media Group Editor Penny Moore, Florida Weekly Managing Editor Osvaldo Padilla, and WINK News Anchor Lois Thome shared their industry insights.

Brian Hamman and Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC
Electronic media and social media were recurring topics throughout the panel discussion. The rise of news websites and social media have shortened the news cycle and put more pressure on journalists. The panelists urged local professionals to pitch their stories to reporters, and to be as accessible as possible when contacted by the media.

Sean Archer of the Holiday Inn, and Jeff Shafer
The Southwest Florida FPRA Media Breakfast was sponsored locally by the Fort Myers Miracle, the News-Press Media Group, ECHO, J.J. Taylor Distributing, and LCEC.

The 2011 Media Guide is now available!

The 2011 Media Guide includes features such as Media Relations Tips, News Release Tips and an Introduction to Social Media. The companion 2011 Media Directory will be periodically updated electronically for the benefit of Chapter Members.

Chapter Members who have created a Member Login can access and download the 2011 Media Guide and the accompanying 2011 Media Directory by way of the drop down menu located on the www.fpraswfl.org website.

Nonmembers may purchase a hard copy or receive a digital copy of the 2011 Media Guide for $35. The 2011 Media Directory is included, however no updates for the purchased Directory will be available. If you wish to purchase a copy of the 2011 Media Guide, please download this order form and submit it along with your payment.

The SWFL Chapter celebrates 25 years with Rise & Shine!

The Shell Point team who brought Rise & Shine to life.
If anyone doubts the Power of PR and the commitment and passion of PR professionals in Southwest Florida, all they need to do is browse through Rise & Shine, a new booklet celebrating 25 years of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.

It all began back in 1985 when Paul Kutz, a member of the Orlando Chapter moved to Fort Myers and encouraged local public relations professionals to start a new chapter. With Paul serving as the founding president and Barbara Schropp as president-elect, the rest as they say, “is history.”

The book is a pictorial history of board members, community projects, leadership and professional development, as well as a showcase of outstanding public relations programs. As an added bonus it offers a fun perspective on hair styles, eyewear, fashion and technology throughout the past three decades.

The booklet “debuted” and was an immediate hit at the chapter Media Breakfast on June 7th. Copies will be available for members and guests at the upcoming July 12th and August 2nd meetings as well. Be sure to pick up a copy and take your time savoring every moment of the journey.

Of special note: The genesis of Rise & Shine began with the Chapter’s 25th anniversary celebration during the July 2010 meeting with a fun look back at the first 25 years by members Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC and Teri Hansen, APR. After spending hours researching and organizing 25 years worth of memories and photos for the presentation, Lynn decided to take the program one step further and create a commemorative book.

Although many, many members contributed time and energy to bring Rise & Shine to life, a special note of appreciation goes out to the Shell Point Retirement Community PR team for the hundreds of hours spent on design and layout.A special "Thank You" to: Lynn Schneider, APR, CPRC for her leadership, enthusiasm, writing and editing; to Deanna Schmidli, graphic designer, for the book’s design and layout; Sarah Nadal; for her help with scanning hundreds of photos; and to Jessica Clark, APR for editing and serving as a liaison with the board of directors.

Member Spotlight: Erin Comerford

Erin Comerford joined the Lee County Port Authority, which operates Southwest Florida International Airport and Page Field, as public affairs coordinator in 2007. The public affairs department is responsible for the promotion of both airports though media relations and public information/marketing communications including special events, community relations programs, corporate citizenship and employee communications. The department also oversees the production of advertising and promotional materials, manages the Art in Flight program and maintains the airports’ websites. In addition to day-to-day responsibilities, Erin is the creative director for the bi-monthly employee newsletter for LCPA which involves organizing and assisting in composing and editing of content as well as the layout of the publication.

Prior to joining the Port Authority, Erin managed the sales, marketing and public relations activities for Advanced Air and Refrigeration, a Fort Myers-based air conditioning company, for almost two years. She was responsible for the budgeting, planning, and implementation of marketing strategies while improving customer relations and new customer acquisition campaigns. In the past she has also served as marketing assistant for the Asphalt Institute, Web content manager for eCampus.com and interned with the National Tour Association in Lexington, Ky.

Erin has been a member of FPRA since 2007 and currently serves as treasurer for the chapter. She has also taken on multiple leadership team positions over the years, including sponsorship chair and website chair, along with assisting on Image, media breakfast, venue research and promotions committees. Erin will be marrying her fiancé, Ethan, in September of this year.

The Tale of a PR Intern, Media Breakfast and $500

By: Miranda Moore 
Public Relations Intern, LCEC
Public Relations Student, University of Florida

Sitting at the FPRA media breakfast, I was excited to hear everything that the seven experts had to say. When Michael Hayes from 96.9 WINK FM spoke about the station’s latest promotion, The Phrase That Pays, I was immediately giddy. I leaned over to my boss at LCEC, Karen Ryan, and whispered, “I put the phrase that pays on my voicemail!” I wanted to raise my hand and ask Mr. Hayes to please have someone from the radio station call me so I could win that $500.

Luckily for me, this did happen while at work on Thursday morning. When I checked my messages, there was Gina Birch ecstatically telling me that they picked my name that hour and I had won! All my friends that teased me about having the phrase that pays on my voicemail now want to know how to sign-up. I wish I could go back to the media breakfast and tell Mr. Hayes that I love his radio station and their latest promotion. Thanks 96.9!

Life as an Intern: My FPRA Intern Experience…so far

FPRA Intern David Simmons, at
PKE Marketing and PR Solutions
By: David Simmons 

The last two years of my life have flown right before my eyes and before I knew it, graduation was here. Only problem was, I wasn’t sure on which direction I would take in the world of public relations. I have always been interested in anything involving music and fashion and even restaurants and nonprofits, but the decisions I had to make was giving me a headache.

During my years at Florida Gulf Coast University, I had the pleasure of being a Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) student president. The position of president gave me the chance to meet a lot of new people, which in return help me gain more knowledge. During the last few weeks before graduation, I had met with Susan Holland, the FGCU FPRA advisor, to discuss my new direction from media and broadcasting to PR, and she had mentioned a new internship with FPRA. This internship would allow me to visit and learn from several different agencies, nonprofit, and companies. After meeting with FPRA member (and education chair) Phyllis Ershowsky, the internship was set. A week after graduation I started interning at PKE Marketing and PR Solutions assisting the team on anything that they needed help with. From newspaper clippings for clients to meeting with publications and editors, I was there. PKE has given me the opportunity to learn things that we not available to me in the classroom.

The FPRA internship features several different outlooks in PR, and next week I will be heading to the Bonita Chamber of Commence to work with Tiffany Esposito, and several events that they have planned. Stay tuned for the next installment of “My life as an intern.”

Get ready for the Evolution at FPRA's 73rd State Conference!

From revving up your speaking skills to increasing your influence with the C-Suite, FPRA’s 73rd annual conference, August 7-10 at the Naples Grande Beach Resort will help you evolve into a stronger, more effective communicator.

Hear from industry leaders with McDonald’s, Universal Orlando Resort, ITT Corporation and AAA Auto Club South to name just a few. Learn the latest in technology and how the evolution of technology will continue to impact our lives both personally and professionally.

Celebrate the very best in public relations programs at the Golden Image Awards Gala, Grande Expectations; celebrate your alma mater at the year’s best tailgate party, FPRA Class Reunion 2011; and immerse yourself in networking opportunities, making new friends and reconnecting with old.

Early registration ends July 15th so don’t wait another day to register. Download a registration brochure today.

Student Track: This year an expanded student track offers exciting opportunities for public relations students. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet industry leaders in a small group setting, explore the convergence of social media and public relations and gather tips on how to land that first job out of college. As a bonus, mentoring and networking opportunities are available for registered students. Download a registration brochure today and begin the evolution from student to professional.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Media Breakfast June 2011

"Stepping Up to the Plate"
Today's Media Breakfast MVP's (or panelists, if you prefer):
  • Phil Borchmann, Gulfshore Business Magazine
  • Francesca Donlan, The News-Press
  • Valarie Harring, Breeze Newspapers
  • Michael Hayes, 96.9 WINK-FM
  • Penny Moore, Naples News Media Group
  • Oswaldo "Waddy" Padilla, Florida Weekly
  • Lois Thome, WINK-TV
Thanks to all of our fantastic panelists!
    Our MVP's stepped up to the plate and took questions from our membership.

    Q: How do you define "newsworthy?"
    Lois: Newsworthy means "new." We look for stories that will appeal to a broad base of people.
    Waddy: We don't cover crime.  As a weekly, we're interested in events that are coming up more than events that have already happened.
    Penny: We look for local appeal.
    Michael: We sell the immediacy of the story.  We want to cover breaking news because we're always on the air.
    Valarie: As a community newspaper, we concentrate on advancing events and covering community events.
    Francesca: As the "Up Beat" reporter, I'm looking for stories that make people smile.
    Phil: Being a monthly publication, we have a lot of lead time for planning.  We can't do breaking news.

    Q: With changes in media and technology, has it become easier or harder to find news stories?
    Lois: There's more of everything, more newscasts mean less time to put together more content.  Our deadlines are changing as a result, and those deadlines aren't always convenient for people.
    Waddy: Technology allows us to get our message and our product out to more people.  Apps, facebook, twitter, blogs all help us get information and also distribute it.
    Penny:  We're all trying to stay up with the times to keep newspaper alive.  All of our reporters tweet, take pictures, and do other things to promote the news.
    Michael: Radio all across the country is consolidating, and like other media outlets, everyone is doing more with less people.  We also have to stand out doing by social media and not just radio.
    Valarie:  The editors of our weekly newspapers are now editors of daily news websites.  Stories that we might not have time to cover in our print editions can still get attention on our websites.
    Francesca:  The job of the PR professional has become more important.  Because everyone is doing more with less, an already great story with a great photo already provided has a good chance of running.
    Phil: Internet has created more opportunities for you to get content to us.  However, the magazine industry has been impacted less than other forms of media.

    Q: For agencies without a full-time PR professional, what are the top tips you reccomened for us to improve our public relations and outreach?
    Lois:  Look at the trends that are occurring in your business or agency.  Great personal stories that might give people a broad idea of what's happening in your organization.  Don't just send a news release, but instead pitch a story to a reporter you respect or have a good rapport with.
    Waddy: Take a lot of pictures.
    Penny: Keep news releases short, and don't be afraid to re-send an email if it doesn't get any attention the first time.
    Michael: Give us plenty of lead time.
    Valarie: Focus on upcoming events that you want publicity for.
    Francesca: If you have an event coming up, find a story that revolves around the event and pitch the story.
    Phil: Don't send PDFs of your news releases.  Send a format everyone can read.  And if we call you, please call us back and be willing to make yourself available.

    Q:  How do you prefer to be contacted?
    Phil: Please, no snail-mail or fax.
    Francesca: I like phone calls
    Valarie: Email is best, but please put the subject of your release in the subject line.  Feel free to call, but please don't call to ask if the story ran.
    Michael: Email is best for me.
    Penny: I'm open to both email and phone, but I prefer email.  I try to respond to emails within 24 hours.
    Waddy: Email is the way to go for me.  I don't mind being hounded via email, so feel free to send it more than once.
    Lois: I don't even have a physical phone on my desk, so phone is bad for me.  Email is definitely best, and we can even check our emails on the news set.

    Q: Do you find stories on social media (facebook, twitter)?
    Lois: Yes
    Waddy: Yes
    Penny: We're required to have facebook and twitter open at all times.
    Michael: Our reporters look for stories while on-air.
    Valarie: For breaking news, yes.  For news release info, no.
    Francesca: Not so much.  But if I need to find people, I'll use it.
    Phil: Not very often.

    Q: What about video b-roll and VNR (video news releases)?
    Lois: We avoid them because we can't verify the accuracy, source, etc.

    Q: How can we establish a rapport with a reporter?
    Lois: Develop rapport via email.
    Waddy: Our reporters like people who write to them.  They like to hear feedback from people who comment on their stories or columns.
    Penny: Naples Daily News does a monthly "Coffee and Community" get-together.
    Michael: Email, or look for reporters in the community.
    Valarie: If you want to make contact, have a local story ready to pitch.  Be familiar with our papers and our beats.
    Francesca: Reporters get so few actual compliments, that sometimes just a few nice words can help build a releationship.

    Q: When dealing with something that will clearly be a major news story (like an election), how can we work together to get information out quickly without mass confusion?
    Francesca: Make an appointment with an executive editor and hold a planning session.
    Valarie: Call us and send a release with the most important information
    Penny: Call us and we'll sit down and try to sort it out.
    Waddy: Maybe hold or send out a daily briefing.
    Lois: You need to make sure the same reporter covers your story from beginning to end, and to make sure you're available whenever the media needs you.

    A big thank-you to all of our MVP panelists, who were more than willing to share their thoughts and advice with the FPRA Southwest Florida membership.  Sorry we couldn't get to everyone's questions!