Saturday, October 17, 2015

Social Media Corner October 2015

A recent article on titled “5 Psychology Tips to Improve Your Social Media Posts” explains how styling your content to reach your audience on an emotional level will help improve engagement. The five psychology tips they recommend are:

  1. Images Speak to Viewers: Images are generally the first thing people see in a social media post, so choosing an image that conveys what your post is saying is essential. Remember to use an image that stands out and relates to your target audience.
  2. Color Communicates: Select a color or colors that you will consistently use on your social media posts to represent your company. The colors should stand out and speak to your fans.   
  3. Words Trigger Action: Research different trigger words to see which ones speak to your audience on an emotional level. Use those words to begin your description. Here is a great list of 50 trigger words and phrases:
  4. Emotion Connects: Every social media post evokes an emotion, so take advantage of this and share things that are fun and happy to get the most engagement.
  5. Conversation Engages: This is not anything new; people want to be social on social media so communicating with your audience will connect you on an emotional level. Ask your fans a question or have them share their opinion about a recent project or event. Respond back to their answers and keep it light and friendly.    
Before you create your next post, keep each of these tips in mind. These are very simple steps to help produce positive, emotional content which will help improve your connection with your audience and, in turn, your social media engagement.

November Guest Speaker- Dr. Cindy Banyai

Dr. Cindy Banyai, a nationally recognized expert in community development and civic engagement with a passion for communications that preserve dignity and humanity, is the featured speaker at the November 3, 2015 membership luncheon of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association.
Dr. Banyai will relate to her projects in Japan and the Philippines and her work in Southwest Florida as she describes strategies for identifying and avoiding “poverty porn.” This genre of communications can result in gratuitous characterizations of misfortune that oversimplify complex social problems and dehumanize the people involved, sometimes impeding long-term solutions to their circumstances.
She will illustrate how to identify poverty porn and demonstrate the power of words in storytelling with dignity, using images that promote humanity, and crafting messages without “deficit thinking.”
Dr. Banyai is the Principal Consultant at Banyai Evaluation & Consulting, LLC. She studied International Relations and Psychology at Michigan State University, and received her Master’s and Ph.D. from Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan where her research focused on community development, public administration, evaluation, and governance. She is also serves as adjunct faculty at FGCU’s Department of Public Affairs. She was recently awarded the 2015 Donald Littrell New Professional award by the Community Development Society, in conjunction for her work with the Southwest Florida Community Foundation.
Founded in 1938, the Florida Public Relations Association is the oldest public relations association in the United States. The Southwest Florida chapter is dedicated to programs and activities that enhance the success of public relations professionals in Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry, and Glades Counties, including professional development and certification.

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Have you renewed your FPRA Membership?

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In getting the word out about FPRA and the many benefits of being a member, we are also putting out a Chapter Challenge to our existing members! Take this time to encourage your fellow PR pros to join our chapter and experience the valued services that FPRA has to offer. Some of these benefits include professional development, networking, professional recognition, professional accreditation, job banks and leadership opportunities. FPRA is dedicated to assisting public relations practitioners to enhance the public relations profession and gain knowledge and skills for career advancement.

We also have a limited number of membership scholarships for those who may be holding off on renewing due to the cost. To qualify, please submit a 2-3 paragraph summary outlining your financial need, involvement in the chapter and how participation in FPRA will benefit our chapter and your professional career. Submissions may be made to Jessica Potts, President-Elect/Membership Chair:  For further information Jessica can be reached at 941-347-6407.  To renew or join online please visit

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Here comes an ethical dilemma ...

Will fairness and free flow of information be getting a workout among PR professionals soon? Are they now?

The need-to-know nugget, from the Center for Public Integrity, is this:

"Able to do the political mudslinging
that candidates themselves
typically try to avoid, independent groups
are airing heated television attacks
on candidates for governor
in Louisiana and Kentucky."

... and elsewhere, the article continues. What would you do if faced with a creating a political ad or campaign that just might be out of bounds?

Read the article here:

              Outside groups calling shots in state politics