Tuesday, July 30, 2013

President's Word

We are in the middle of summer, one of my favorite times of year.  As PR Professionals we are constantly busy, but the summer months allow us to catch up on projects and maybe take a well deserved break.  The summer also marks the time of year for our FPRA Annual Conference.  This exciting event is just around the corner, and we have so many people planning to attend.  I love attending conference because it allows me to connect with other professionals and friends throughout the state, while also picking up new tips and ideas through the fantastic sessions that occur during the 3 day event.  If you are not able to attend the conference this year, we will have a recap session on August 22 at the Broadway Palm from 11:30am-1pm.  Additionally we will be posting updates and information on the chapter Facebook and blog throughout the event as well. 

 The summer also notes a time for a change in leadership for the SWFL chapter.  The new President and President-Elect will be sworn in during the State conference, and our chapter will hold a swearing in ceremony in September for the local membership.  We have a wonderful team of professionals coming on to the Board and Leadership team for 2013-2014, and I can tell that our chapter will have another great year of professional growth and opportunity!

 I have one more month left as President, and then Samantha Scott, APR will be taking over the helm.  The month of August will be full of fun and excitement with so many things taking place.  Make sure to attend as much as you can! 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Member Spotlight


Andrea White

Public Relations Accounts Manager


Andrea White is a Public Relations Accounts Manager for AdSource, a full service advertising and marketing firm in Naples.  As a PR Accounts Manager, she develops and maintains public relations activities for clients as part of their overall marketing strategy. She also maintains social media accounts for AdSource clients, determining the best outlets for each particular client, and maintains their presence on the designated platforms. Currently, Andrea serves as a board member for Project Help of Naples, and is the Marketing Committee Chair.

Andrea joined FPRA last year after graduating from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2012, where she was a member of the student chapter. While still obtaining her degree, Andrea worked as a Public Relations Coordinator for various Aveda Hair Salons throughout Southwest Florida.

While at AdSource, Andrea enjoys the opportunity to work closely with the owner, Mary Shallies. Andrea says, “I couldn’t have asked for a better position that gives me such a well-rounded experience in all things marketing.”

Friday, July 19, 2013

Social Media Corner: What is Google+ and should you join?

By: Jessica Boles

It may not look like it or seem like it, but Google Plus is on the rise. Experts recommend to hop on board now as to not fall behind in the social media world.

Launched in June, 2011, Google+ is a multilingual social networking and identity service that is owned and of course, operated by Google. Unbeknownst to a lot of us, it is the second largest social networking site in the world, surpassing Twitter in January 2013. Google+ has approximately 359 million active users and is described as a “social layer” that enhances most of their online properties, including YouTube, Maps and Gmail. Log into one, you’ve logged into the lot.


The objective of Google+ is to index not just the web but the users that are searching the web. This is to better understand the data people are searching for by knowing how and where they use it. It is not a social network like Facebook, but a unified Google identity to tie in all your searching and internet usage in an all inclusive Google database. This is how Google+ will find its way into the social media world. Facebook is the go-to platform for connecting friends, Google+ is more often used to meet strangers that share a common interest.


Experts report that an authoritative Google+ account is one of the elements factored into how high you rank on Google search results. Having a Google+  account is an important part for the criteria in the search algorithm that ranks the Google pages. Studies have shown that the usage of Google+ is growing fast among older adults reporting that the other social media platforms are mostly for younger people.


Google+ is amazingly different now that they have progressed over the past two years and is an easy way to meet people, join communities and interact with potential customers, influencers and people of interest. There are a ton of influencers that are now focusing on Google+, now might be your time to join the Google experience!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

APR Trivia: July

Question: The format of the written exam for Accreditation in Public Relations is:

A.    Essay

B.     Multiple Choice

C.     True/False

D.    A and B


Answer: B. Multiple choice. There are no essay or true/false questions on the APR exam, only multiple choice.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Diary of a PR Intern: The Depth of Being a Teacher’s Assistant

By: Gabby Nicotra
My name is Gabriela (Gabby) Nicotra and I am a senior at Florida Gulf Coast University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication with a concentration in public relations. I previously served as Vice President on the FPRA Student Chapter board at FGCU. Prior to serving on the board, I had not had any internships. However, while I was on the board, I was also a teacher’s assistant (TA) which actually counted towards internship credits for two public relations courses; one being public relations writing and the other intro to public relations. As I have previously taken these courses, my professor picked me to be her teacher’s assistant based on my writing and editing skills. She also told me I wrote some of the best press releases in her class which surprised me, but also made me feel great.

While I was a teacher’s assistant, I would take attendance, help the students with any questions they may have had, graded homework, and much more. I am so thankful for the opportunity I had to be a teacher’s assistant, because not only did it give me a chance to re-learn everything I previously had about PR writing and the basics of PR, but it also gave me the opportunity to teach others about what I already knew while gaining an even stronger grasp and insight on public relations. Furthermore, not many students get the opportunity to be a teacher’s assistant, so I felt very thankful that I was one of them.

I believe that by being a teacher’s assistant, I am now even more confident in my writing and editing skills. I am also always up for challenges and learning new things. My AP style book has become almost like a bible to me. At first, I used to be scared about writing press releases and didn’t have the confidence in myself that I do now. I wasn’t sure if I had the capability of producing what was expected of me, or even being able to fulfill my life-long dream of one day working in the public relations field as a publicist. However, I can now say that has all changed, as I have been able to teach others about my experiences and how they should not give up either. Overall, I feel so grateful for all that I have learned so far throughout my few years in college, and am ready to use my skills and take on the real world!

Friday, July 5, 2013

I can't live without...

Chapter member, Lucy Cost reveals that her go-to tool is her iPhone:

"I would have to say my iPhone is the  most indispensable tool as it is my communications central being able to access a multitude of email accounts, take and store photos, text messages, memos, updated calendar, notes. With the new 5 and LTE service the connection speed is even better. In can use head phones, speaker, or Siri (although she has a limited understanding of my verbal communication). The only challenge I currently have is being able to sync my contacts with outlook (calendar syncs through Google)."

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SWFL's Chapter of FPRA proudly announces their newest APR!

Laura Puerto, APR, of the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) recently earned professional public relations accreditation, and received the designation of Accredited in Public Relations (APR).

Puerto joins the more than 4,300 active public relations professionals worldwide who represent an elite group of highly skilled professionals committed to practicing with exemplary ethical standards, including 29 in southwest Florida.

Puerto has served as the public relations specialist at Lee County Electric Cooperative (LCEC) for the past 10 years. Puerto earned her bachelor’s degree in communication from Florida Gulf Coast University. She’s volunteered her time for 10 years with the Southwest Florida Chapter of FPRA, including serving on the board of directors for nine consecutive years. Puerto was honored as the FPRA Rising Star in 2007 and Chapter Member of the Year in 2009.

To earn accreditation, candidates must pass an oral presentation and rigorous written examination administered by the Universal Accreditation Board (UAB), which is an alliance of eight national and statewide professional associations dedicated to furthering the field of public relations and the development of public relations professionals. FPRA is a member of the UAB.

The Florida Public Relations Association is dedicated to developing public relations practitioners who, through ethical and standardized practices, enhance the public relations profession in Florida.  For more information on the Southwest Florida Chapter of the Florida Public Relations Association, visit www.fpraswfl.org.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sign up today for our July Luncheon!

Join us for our July luncheon meeting with Dr. Chris Wright-Isak presenting is "The Impact of Digital Communications on Advancing Your Brand." She will share some "big brand" insights that are equally usable by small local or professional brands - and she will provide specifics about how to implement your brand strategies in a world of digital communications. She says "brands are reputations and media - traditional or new digital - are no more and no less than communications vehicles that should be designed to convey the reputation you intend to live up to." As she will show us, the secret lies in making them the most effective possible.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Broadway Palm
1380 Colonial Blvd
Fort Myers 33907

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