Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Social Media Corner- The New Must-Have App

In the ever-growing world of social media there is yet another channel that PR pros will need to know about, Periscope. There are similar apps available, but currently Periscope seems to be the hot-topic in social media. It has a wide-range of users from celebrities promoting their new movies, to presidential hopefuls addressing voters, to parents sharing their baby’s first steps.   
Recently purchased by Twitter, Periscope is a video streaming app that allows users to easily relay live video globally from their phones. Your followers can view your video, make comments and send hearts. Sending hearts is similar to a like on Facebook, but on Periscope users can send as many hearts as they desire. Periscope is still fairly new, so there are some kinks that need to be worked out. For example, the app is only available on iOS devices, however the release of the Android version is said to be in the works. Another issue is users are broadcasting certain events illegally, so there is a lot of talk about copyright issues.
For PR professionals, this app provides another way to engage with your audience. It’s hard to predict the success of new apps, but the way Periscope is trending, it’s definitely something communicators should familiarize themselves with.  The app can be downloaded for free and if you sign up through your Twitter account it will help you connect with other users. 
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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Member Spotlight: Margo Brewster

Margo Brewster is the new director of marketing and development for the Foundation for Lee County Public Schools. Margo Brewster comes with a wealth of experience having spent the last eight years at First Bank where she was instrumental in establishing relationships and acquiring new accounts within the community. She has also spent the last three years volunteering her time on several event committees and fundraisers.

Margo joins The Foundation as Marketing & Development Director as they continue successfully providing educational tools and resources to the teachers and students within our community. Margo is a native resident of Fort Myers and grew up attending Lee County Public Schools. She has played a role in the success of fundraisers benefitting many local organizations including Relay for Life, Goodwill Industries of SWFL, the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, and PACE Center for Girls.